Committee Topics

The topics for MYMUN XV are:

Advisory Panel on the Question of the DPRK

  • Measures to combat nuclear missile testing
  • The question of violations of human rights in the DPRK
  • Addressing the exploitation of children in the workforce

Disarmament I

  • The question of disempowering Boko Haram in West Africa
  • Measures to prevent civilian casualties in Afghanistan
  • Implementing gun control measures in the United States

Disarmament II

  • Addressing the deactivation of antipersonnel landmines in affected LEDCs
  • The question of the Demilitarization of the Arctic Circle
  • Addressing the impact of chemical weapons in Syria


  • Methods to reduce gender inequality in the workplace
  • Addressing the carbon tax in China
  • Improving accessibility of primary education in developing nations


  • Addressing the issue of the privatization of water in South America
  • Methods to establish a comprehensive and effective healthcare system  
  • Developing Microcredit as a means of economic growth in LEDCs

Environment I

  • The question of responsible consumption and disposal of resources
  • Measures to implement sustainable practices in cities
  • Ensuring biodiversity on the island of Madagascar

Environment II

  • Question of the rapid rate of desertification in the Gobi Desert
  • Measures to prevent deforestation in the Amazon
  • Question of addressing and combating noise pollution in urban areas

General Assembly

  • Addressing illegal immigration into the United States of America
  • Question of eradicating poverty in South East Asia
  • Measures to combat the emergence and establishment of terrorist organizations in Iraq

Human Rights I

  • Protecting the rights of street children in LEDCs
  • The question of arranged child marriages in India
  • Addressing freedom of expression in Cuba

Human Rights II

  • Implementing literacy programs for women to combat inequality in the Middle East
  • Addressing the issue of capital punishment for drug possession in the Philippines
  • Measures to improve working conditions in developing nations

Security Council

  • The situation in Myanmar
  • The situation in Venezuela
  • The situation in Sudan

Special Conference

  • Measures to establish affordable healthcare in the countries of the South Pacific
  • The question of political transparency in Central Africa
  • Addressing privacy in regards to government surveillance of citizens in the United Kingdom