Committee Topics

The committee topics for MYMUN XVI are:

Advisory Panel on the Question of the Balkan Region (APQBR)

  • The question of the financial crisis in Greece
  • The question of EU membership for Balkan States
  • Combating ethnic and religious discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Environment I

  • Addressing melting permafrost and rising CO2 levels
  • The question of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Combating the rapid desertification of the Gobi Desert

Environment II

  • Promoting sustainable tourism in the Caribbean
  • Ensuring the protection of biodiversity in the Arctic Region
  • The implications of rising sea levels on urban areas

Disarmament I

  • Measures to combat organized crime in Mexico
  • Regulating the production and distribution of untraceable weapons
  • The question of the conflict in Yemen

Disarmament II

  • Addressing the enforcement of maritime security laws
  • The question of the Syrian Uprising
  • Measures to restrict the use of conventional weapons

Human Rights l

  • Addressing the travel ban and immigration laws in the United States
  • Measures to address the displacement of Venezuelan refugees
  • Improving the standard of living for persons with disabilities

Human Rights II

  • Measures to prevent orphanage tourism
  • The question of human rights violations in Turkey
  • Combating stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in Western and Southern Africa


  • The question of the economic impacts of natural disasters in the Asia Pacific Rim
  • Addressing China’s dependence on African raw materials
  • Measures to combat global overpopulation


  • Addressing the economic implications of food insecurity
  • Promoting women’s representation in finance in South Asia
  • The question of youth unemployment

Security Council

  • The question of Zimbabwe
  • The question of Crimea
  • The question of the Occupied Territories

General Assembly

  • Further developing regulations to combat cybercrime
  • Addressing the implications of aging populations in MEDCs
  • Assessing the domestic implications of ‘brain drain’

Special Conference

  • Facilitating the steady advancement towards peace in the Korean Peninsula
  • The question of freedom of the press in Myanmar
  • Addressing the socioeconomic implications for Olympic Games host countries

Global Economic Forum

  • The socioeconomic impacts of Brexit
  • The question of the United States-China Trade War
  • Addressing the consequences of cryptocurrency mining