The committee topics for MYMUN XVII are:

Advisory Panel on the Question of Central and South America (APQCSA)

  • The question of increased immigration through Central America into the US
  • Measures to combat illicit crop cultivation
  • Combating corruption in Venezuela

Global Economic Forum

  • The question of global debt crises
  • The question of the Korean-Japanese Trade War
  • The question of zombie enterprises

Environment I

  • Measures to alleviate the damage caused by wildfires
  • Examining the necessity of a global policy addressing climate change
  • Addressing the environmental consequences of genetically modified crops

Environment II

  • Promoting natural disaster mitigation measures
  • Advancing sustainable farming practices in LEDCs
  • Combating microplastics in the water system

Human Rights I

  • The implications of the detention of immigrants at the US border
  • Increasing preventative measures in West Africa against Ebola
  • The question of preserving the rights of Indigenous peoples around the world

Human Rights II 

  • Ensuring the rights of the Uighur ethnic group in China
  • Addressing the ethical implications of mandatory conscription
  • Addressing the prevalence of xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Disarmament I 

  • Measures to prevent mass shootings
  • Combating terrorism in South East Asia
  • Addressing the militarization of space

Disarmament II 

  • Addressing the Nigerian government’s response to rising radicalism
  • The question of regulating the production of biological weapons
  • Measures to manage the privatization of military forces


  • Measures to regulate Foreign Direct Investments in emerging economies
  • Addressing the economic consequences of environmental issues in the Amazon
  • Regulating the distribution of microloans


  • The implications of the final Brexit vote
  • Measure to ensure sustainable tourism in South East Asia
  • Measures to aid economic recovery in LEDCs from natural disasters

Security Council 

  • The question of Hong Kong
  • The question of Kashmir
  • The question of US-Iran-Saudi Arabian hostilities

General Assembly

  • The issues associated with global income inequality
  • Measures to combat global modern slavery
  • Combating the impact of increasing denialism in medical and climate science

Special Conference

  • The question of the US-China tech war
  • Addressing the prolongment of the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • Measures to increase the research and mitigate the adverse effects of electronic cigarettes


  • Measures to combat human trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Addressing the adverse effects of leather pollution in South Asia
  • Examining the diverse impacts of the pink tax