Conference Theme

The theme of the 15th annual session of the Malaysian Model United Nations (MYMUN) is Defining Responsibility. This theme has been chosen for its breadth and applicability to all committees ranging from the General Assembly (GA) to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The theme of responsibility is pertinent to all aspects of global policy in the world today, and determining the responsibility of nations is an essential part of achieving peace and justice in the world today. As such, our theme of Defining Responsibility is a necessary topic to be discussed, and will foster global cooperation to better achieve justice in the modern world.

The threatening actions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the question of access and privatization of water sources, the situation and status of Rohingya Muslims in the state of Myanmar, questions of political transparency, gender equality, and online privacy are all complex issues with significant relevance to responsibility. Questions of responsibility are twofold: who is responsible for the conflicts and global issues of the world today, and who is responsible for the resolution of such conflicts and issues of global importance. While the former question is interesting and worthwhile answering due to its philosophical implications, MYMUN XV and its committees and issues will focus on addressing the second question of the diffusion of responsibility undertaken by individual nations or the global community.

The primary objective of MYMUN XV is to inform participants of the significance and importance of Defining Responsibility in resolving global issues. Whether these issues are economic, social, humanitarian, or ethical, responsibility always plays a role, and it is the hope of the MYMUN XV Secretariat that participants realize the tremendous impact responsibility has on the course of action members of the international community should take.