Conference Theme

The theme for MYMUN XVII is Bridging the Divide. This theme has been selected for its scope and pertinence to both the causes and ongoing matters of issues in the modern world. The capacity to understand the viewpoints of others through their frame of reference is decreasing as the need for this ability in the midst of tension and hostility increases. While maintaining diversity in perspectives and beliefs is essential to all aspects of global policy, the need for understanding instead of resentment comes with it. As such, the discussion of embodying empathy is necessary, fostering advancement and cooperation globally through the welcoming of distinct viewpoints.

The concept of empathy is especially pertinent in combating regional conflicts, such as in the Balkan States or on the Korean Peninsula. As regions plagued by war and political instability, the first step in achieving change is through opposing forces attempting to understand the sentiments of their adversaries. For leaders internationally, exercising empathy lends itself to making compromises, which is what the UN strives to achieve for in their policies. The concept can be extrapolated to environmental and social issues. From the suffering of flora and fauna living within the Pacific Garbage Patch to the hardships faced by journalists in Myanmar, the most effective solutions may stem from the simple effort to understand their perspectives. Without empathy, our ability to make comprises and willingness to interfere in pertinent global issues is severely limited. Far from the idealism of unified beliefs and actions, empathy enables us to think how we can alter our own actions to establish rapport and facilitate change.

It is the primary objective of MYMUN XVII to convey to all participants the importance of empathy in global advancement and understanding. Whether issues are economic, social, political, or environmental, empathy is key to addressing them on a global scale. We hope that all participants realise the paramount importance of the recognition of diverse perspectives in action and change.