Each delegation must bring their own notepaper.

During debate sessions, conversation between delegates is out of order. Delegates can only communicate with each other and the chairs through official delegation notepaper.

Rules on Note-passing
• All notes must be written in English
• All notes must contain messages pertaining to the flow of the debate

Process of Note-passing
Write the delegation name of the recipient and the message. Then, raise your hand with the notepaper. A member of the Admin Staff will screen the note and then take the note to the recipient.

Notepaper should include the following:
• Size – quarter of an A4 sheet of paper
• Flag of the delegation
• Delegation of the sender – “From:”
• Delegation of the recipient – “To:”
• Lines to write the message on

Sample of Notepaper Simply make a copy of this Google Doc and replace the flag and “From” sections with your delegation’s flag or logo and title.