The first step when preparing for MYMUN is to research your country and the topics you will be debating in your committee. This way, you will be able to represent your country accurately. The more you know about your country and the topic (what the problem is, what has been done in the past, and what organizations are working to solve it), the easier it will be to write a resolution and the more comfortable you will feel during debate.

By February each topic on the MYMUN website will have a research report written by The Committee Chair which will give an overview of the topic and ideas for research.

The Internet is a good tool, but don’t forget other sources as well; books, magazines, newspapers, and interviews.

Below are some internet links to get you started:

The United Nations official website is a great way to learn more about the UN find links to your specific committe and past resolutions and speeches

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Other Links:  (you can sign up for a daily bulletin) (UN Refugee Agency) (UN Treaty Database) (U.N. Environment Programme)  (International Court of Justice) (World Resources Institute) (World Bank)