School Registration

Welcome back to a great year!

MYMUN XV will be hosted once again at Mont’ Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Reserve the dates in your calendars for April 20th  to 22nd 2018.

Please update the information we have in our database regarding your school and the number of delegates you will be able to bring.  This will allow us to assign your school committees and countries.

We are very proud to know that our conference has been recognized as one of the best conferences for middle school students, and we would like to continue to have that reputation with your help.

It is very important that you do not overestimate the number of delegates you can bring.  Our only limitation at MYMUN is the number of students we can host, not the number of schools attending. We currently have a waiting list of schools wanting to join the MYMUN XV experience. If your school books spots for students who do not show-up, you are taking away the chance for other students to come.

Priority will be given to schools in good standing that have successfully participated with us before.

Our student leadership team has been working hard already to make MYMUN XV as successful as the previous conferences.

Please let us know if you encounter difficulties with the registration process so that we can provide the help you need, or if your school has new director contact information this year.

We look forward to hosting you in April 2018!