Student Officers

The student officers of MYMUN XVII are:

Advisory Panel on the Question of Central and South America (APQCSA)

  • President – Alexis Yang (Shanghai American School Pudong)
  • Deputy President – Cindy Liang (Australian International School Hong Kong)

Security Council

  • President – Ethan Yang (Taipei American School)
  • Deputy President – Bryn Dingemans (Singapore American School)

Environment I

  • President – Karunya Thanu Kumar (Singapore American School)
  • Deputy President – Eva Zhong (Shekou International School)

Environment II

  • President – Inès Freyre (Canadian International School Hong Kong)
  • Deputy President – Idan Hussain (International School Dhaka)

Human Rights I

  • President – Celine Wang (Shanghai American School Pudong)
  • Deputy President – Seojin Park (Shekou International School)

Human Rights II

  • President – Kai Yuan Mor (Taipei American School)
  • Deputy President – Luke Briscoe (Australian International School Hong Kong)


  • President – Arshia Mehra (Singapore American School)
  • Deputy President – Minh Nguyen (International School of Ho Chi Minh City)


  • President – Nicole Scheidel (Taipei American School)
  • Deputy President – Tahsin Mostofa (International School Dhaka)

Special Conference

  • President – Mingyu Zhao (Singapore American School)
  • Deputy President – William Li (Shekou International School)

General Assembly I

  • President – Tanzif Chowdhury (International School Dhaka)
  • Deputy President – Luke Cheung (Shanghai American School Pudong)

General Assembly II

  • President – Camilla Sedola (Mont’ Kiara International School)
  • Deputy President – Jaynee Ho (Mont’ Kiara International School)

Disarmament I

  • President – Sara Khemani (Singapore American School)
  • Deputy President – Trong Khang Nguyen (International School of Ho Chi Minh City)

Disarmament II

  • President – Galen Gibb (Shanghai American School Pudong)
  • Deputy President – Sangjun Lee (American International School Chennai)

Global Economic Forum (GEF)

  • President – Yun-Tzu (Daphne) (Shanghai American School Pudong)
  • Deputy President – Aidan Boyle (Taipei American School)