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Committee Topics

General Assembly I (GA 1)

  1. Measures to reduce export marginalization of less economically developed countries (LEDCs)

  2. The question of the lack of women’s education in Afghanistan 

  3. Addressing potential reform of the United Nations Security Council


General Assembly II (GA 2)  

  1. Addressing the censorship of certain media and opinions on the Russia-Ukraine War

  2. Addressing forced migration and humanitarian concerns in conflicts/wars

  3. The question of ethics in utilizing generative AI 


Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) 

  1. Implementing gun control measures in the United States

  2. Addressing the use of cluster bombs in the Russia-Ukraine War

  3. Ways to prevent nuclear proliferation in more economically developed countries (MEDCs)





Human Rights Committee (HRC)  

  1. Ways to reduce workplace exploitation of foreign migrants in the United Arab Emirates 

  2. Measures to counter food insecurity in Ethiopia

  3. The question of human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  


Economic and Social Council I (ECOSOC) 

  1. Regulation of cryptocurrency mining and usage

  2. Combating exploitative labor practices in Asia

  3. Ways to counter disinformation online and promote media literacy 


Environmental Committee (EVC)  

  1. Methods to promote safe disposal of technological waste 

  2. Water management in South East Asian countries to overcome damage caused by flooding 

  3. Ways to mitigate the harm of microplastics 


Special Conference (SPC) 

  1. Regulating the international arms trade to prevent the usage of small arms in conflict zones

  2. The question of the security issues and humanitarian crisis in Yemen 

  3. Addressing a lack of freedom of press in Asia

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