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The Team



Neel Shivakumar

Secretary General

A warm welcome to all delegates attending the MYMUN. I have garnered a plethora of experience pertaining to attending conferences, as a delegate and a chair, and hope everyone attending will savor the experience of contributing to a conference. My hopes for the MYMUN XVIII is that all delegates enjoy this opportunity and have a fulfilling conference.

Leon Ritz

Secretary General

Greetings all delegates, chairs, teachers and esteemed guests. As Co-Secretary General of the MKIS MUN team, I wholeheartedly welcome each and every one of you to what is hopefully a successful and constructive conference for all. Having taken part in MUN since the 6th grade, MUN has followed and supported me through my Middle and High school years. It has most certainly provided me with so many experiences, skills and opportunities, which I hope will be offered to all of you through this conference as well. Whether you are a decorated, new, or intermediate delegate/chair, I sincerely hope that MYMUN XVIII is able to provide an opportunity for students to improve and grow. Improve your ability in public speaking, learn to cooperate with others, explore more efficient methods of research, or enhance your problem solving skills. I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Serena Ogara

Deputy Secretary General

Welcome to MYMUN XVIII, my name is Serena Ogara and I am honoured to be your Co-Deputy-Secretary General for this conference. Together with the rest of the Secretariat team, we have put together a conference where we hope students can collaborate and discuss important topics that affect people around the world. This has been my 4th year of MUN and in this time I have learned so much. MUN is one of the best platforms to interact with the multitudes of current affairs in today’s world. People often say that MUN is a good place to build debate skills but I believe that MUN is a forum that invites collaboration and alliance as opposed to forming adversaries. I hope this conference will allow students to recognize the importance of collaboration and will grow their skills in respectful cooperation. In a time where the world seems to be more divided, cooperation is one of the key steps for reconciliation and unity. We must reflect on solutions past and present in order to move forward together. 

Jaden Kwan Yen Soh

Deputy Secretary General

Since the beginning of my MUN journey in middle school, I have had the honor and pleasure of attending a myriad of conferences domestically and internationally. More often than not, I entered the halls of my designated committees as an uncertain delegate, unsure of what to expect. More often than not, I questioned the validity of my decisions as a budding chair. Yet, I regret nothing; only by continually defying the bounds of our respective comfort zones can we truly grow. As such, it is my hope that all attending delegates will find MYMUN XVIII to be a fulfilling and memorable experience.

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