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Welcome back to a great year! 


MYMUN XVIII will be hosted once again at Mont’ Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Reserve the dates in your calendars for February 17th-February 19th 2023. We know it has been a while so a reminder that MYMUN is a conference for middle school students. Send us your delegates of grades 6-8 or year 7-9 if you are a British school. We are open to delegates of all levels from those who can tackle the more challenging issues to those who have just joined MUN. We will be welcoming all levels. We will even have a training room for those who have never tried MUN before! We will also be accepting applications for chair positions from interested high school students. 


Our MUN team is very excited to be hosting in-person and would like schools to give an initial indication of how many delegates you may be bringing to this conference. Our MYMUN XVIII registration is now available School Registration Link and Chair Application Forms for Individual Appointments will also be available. Please update the information we have in our database regarding your school and the number of delegates you will be able to bring.  This will allow us to assign your school committees and countries.


Our brand new website is now available ( Check it out for more information. 


The delegate fee for the three days will be 150RM which will cover all meals, delegate materials, facilities at the conference venue, and a participant goodie bag. Please see the attached schedule for our exciting line-up of events. 


Our student leadership team has been working hard already to make MYMUN XVIII as successful as the previous conferences. Please let us know if you encounter difficulties with the registration process so that we can provide the help you need. 


All school delegation registrations are due January 17th, 2023 while the chair application deadline is January 24th, 2023. 


Looking forward to welcoming you to MYMUN XVIII!


Warmest regards,


Secretary Generals: Serena Ogara, Jaden Soh, Neel Shivakumar, Leon Lee Ritz

MKIS MUN Advisors: Ms.Brenna McCandless and Mr. David Herbert

MUN Director: Ms. Christy Mathers (

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